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Updates on Key Projects

Robert Hall Updates Residents on Key Projects and Temporary Water Restrictions in Providenciales

Robert Hall, Managing Director of Provo Water Company, addresses the residents of Providenciales with updates on several key projects, including temporary water restrictions currently affecting Providenciales. He reassures the community that diligent efforts are underway to develop long-term solutions for the island’s water needs.

He also explains significant progress has been made on the City Water Transmission line project, which aims to increase water flow and improve overall infrastructure designed to enhance water distribution.

The incredible growth of tourism has resulted in substantial water usage. While work has begun to improve water flow, high usage persists, necessitating the continuation of water restrictions until the end of July. We empathize with the issues this may cause and are committed to enhancing our services. The good news is that we have made steady progress on the water timeline, replacing older valves to increase the flow.

These projects, along with the water production facility on the northwest side of the island, are designed to keep PWC ahead of the island’s projected needs. We request our customers practice water conservation to ensure water is available to everyone and to help reduce their water bills.

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