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Laboratory Mission Statement

The mission of Provo Water Company, LTD (PWC) Water Quality Department (WQD) is to provide high-quality potable water along with performing legally defensible analytical data in a timely and efficient manner to our customers.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in safe, reliable potable water through achieving technical excellence. To this end, the management is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in every aspect of our operations.


We are proud to announce that Provo Water Company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary of achieving and maintaining ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation. This prestigious accreditation represents the highest standard for laboratory testing, specifically for water quality, and highlights our laboratory’s key achievements and contributions over the past decade.

About Our Laboratory

Provo Water Company, Water Quality Department (WQD) is the only internationally accredited water testing laboratory in the Turks and Caicos Islands, specializing in analyzing drinking water for chemical and microbiological contamination.

Annually, the WQD performed over 18,000 tests from the reservoirs and the distribution system to ensure our customers received the highest water quality possible.  Since 1997, we have offered a wide range of services for residential and commercial customers.

Commercial customers include public water systems, environmental consultants, cruise ships, water treatment professionals, bottled water plants, well owners, hotels, irrigation, and home inspectors.

WQD performs analysis according to World Health Organization standards and IOA Government requirements, in addition to performing informational tests for quality control purposes. WQD successfully participates in the USA Proficiency Testing Program, and our laboratory management system is ISO 17025 accredited. We maintain active membership in industry associations, including the American Water Works Association and the Water Quality Association.

Our technical representatives are contributing members to various industry associations, including Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association. Our staff of industry professionals is frequently sought after for educational seminars on water quality and water testing topics.

Customer service is the highest priority for our laboratory. Our service representatives are available to answer important questions, from water quality complaints, collection of the sample, delivery of test results, and beyond.

The Water Quality Department (WQD) at Provo Water Company start with monitoring the water in the distribution system throughout Providenciales.

WQD broad spectrum of microbiological, chemical, and physical tests monitors the quality of water in the distribution system.  Certain water quality parameters are monitored continuously as the water enters the distribution system and we regularly perform tests at over 30 water sampling stations throughout Providenciales every day.

IProvo Water Company provides water quality testing in accordance with ISO/IEWC 17025 international standards and the labaratory is accredited by the ANAB.

We are certified to carry out the following tests:


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