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A water supply pipe brings fresh water into your home.  The owner of the property is responsible for maintaining both interior and exterior private-pipes that are supplying water into a house.

If any leaks occur on the private pipe then the repair lies entirely with the owner or the landlord.

Pipe responsibility

Please note that this diagram is a guide. The exact location of features may differ. If you are in any doubt at all please call Customer Services on +1 649 946 5202.

PWC is responsible for:-

  • Underground pipes that carry water to the property’s water meter from our facility in Grace Bay.
  • Pipes which lead to the water meter of a shared property.
  • Exterior service valve located at the water meter
  • Your water meter

You or your landlord are responsible for:-

  • All stop-taps and safety-valves located on your property, in your garden or inside your house
  • The supply pipe from the water meter to your property
  • All of the plumbing inside of your house
  • Shared water supply pipes

If you live in a condominium or apartment building, you or your landlord are responsible for all pipes that lead from the water meter and within the property.

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