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All Provo Water Company’s meters are digital “smart” meters. The water meters are held in locked chambers (to avoid damage and tampering) and can only be accessed by a Provo Water Company member of staff.

Details of water usage from each water meter is transmitted via radio and cellular networks.

By providing water consumption data in “real time”, by logging on to your online account, you will always be able to see how much water you have been using, even after your latest bill has been received.

Benefits of a “Smart” Water Meter

  • Customers using a “smart” meter tend to use less water
  • Accurate readings are uploaded electronically
  • Using less water means lower water and energy bills
  • Using less water is helpful to the environment
  • A “smart” water meter will alert you of leaks on property

Finding My Water Meter

It is important to know where your water meter is located.

Most water meters are fitted near the outside of a property, and can normally be found near the edge of the road, close to the boundary. Look for a small metal cover in the ground with PWC on the lid.

If it is not possible to install a meter outside, due to the pipe being shared with other properties, then PWC will survey your property to see if we can fit your meter inside your home where the supply pipe first enters your property, such as under the kitchen sink or in an outside room.

If you cannot find your water meter, then please contact us.

Damage to a Water Meter

Please note the antenna ONLY RELAYS information back to Provo Water Company. It is the water meter that reads your usage. If an antenna is damaged, stolen or broken it will not effect your reading, it will just incur a hefty fine to replace.

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