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Please see below for the most commonly asked questions.   If these do not help, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Operational Queries

Water may be turned off due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Disconnection for non-payment or a bad check received for payment
  • Repair of pipes at your house or apartment
  • Maintenance work in your area (check our website for details)

NOTE: If you are a tenant, first check with the resident manager or owner of the apartments to see if they know the reason the water is turned off.

Visitors:  Visitors can make a huge difference to your water bill., using up to 125 gallons of water per person per day extra.

Building Works:  Are you building, mixing concrete or have workers on site.  This can all add up to extra water usage

Faulty Appliance:  If you have a dripping tap, or a leaking toilet your water usage will be higher.  A dripping tap can waste as much as 30 gallons a week.

Your Garden:  Have you been irrigating the garden for longer this month?

Leaks:  Please click here for information on how to check for leaks

Increased Billing Period:   The reading may be covering a longer period of time (e.g. a month with 31 days) or you might have recently moved home.

The main reasons for low pressure are burst pipes and home plumbing problems.   High demand in the morning and the number of people sharing a water supply can all cause low pressure.

Yes, but remember to check your irrigation for leaks regularly to avoid large water bills.

Billing Queries

When you sign up for “My Account” you can register for E-Billing or paperless billing.

We will accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Please contact us via phone or email with any changes to the name on your account.

We will send you an email when your bill is ready to view online.  This will be around the 14th of every month.  Your bill is due to be paid within 14 days of receipt.

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