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Provo Water Company will disconnect your service for one of the following reasons:-

  • Non-payment of bill
  • Tampering of a meter
  • Unauthorized access to water :  i.e. an illegal connection
  • At a customer’s request.

Water Bill
PWC bills customers monthly for water used during the previous month. Bills generated on the first of each month are sent to customers via email and are also available on our MyAccount Web Portal and Mobile App. However, if you do not receive a bill, you may call or email our office.

Due Dates
Full payment is due fifteen (15) days after the billing date. It is the responsibility of every customer to pay the bill in full and on time. Unpaid bills incur a 2% penalty added to the account, and past-due notices are sent via email and text message.

Delinquent Notice
PWC issues automated payment reminders via email and text messages to the customer if the amount due has not been paid in full by the due date. Customers are encouraged to update their contact details to receive notifications and alerts. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the customers’ responsibility for payment by the due date.

  • Day 1 – Bill Issued
  • Day 12 – Payment Reminder
  • Day 15 – Bill Payment Due and past due notice
  • Day 16 – Incur 2% late charge on the past due balance
  • Day 19 – Disconnect Notice
  • Day 28 – Disconnection Day

Service Disconnection
Failure to remit payment by the Disconnect Notice date will result in the disconnection of service the following business day. Once service is disconnected, customers must pay the delinquent balance in full before restoring your water service. Service will not disconnect for non-payment of service on any Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. We also seek to avoid disconnecting service on Fridays and a day before a holiday.

Once a disconnection for non-payment happens, full payment of the due balance is required to restore service. Field visits for reconnections begin at 2 pm, the same day of payment. Additionally, customers will be charged a reconnection fee of $25.

Payments made through online banking may not post to the customer’s account for 24-48 hours; therefore customers must promptly report their bank payments for timely restoration of water service.

Customers must coordinate reconnections outside of our business hours through our 24 Hour Faultline (649)-946-5202 or (649)-231-0705.

Payment Arrangements
Any customer who cannot pay for water service within the standard payment period may request a deferred payment to avoid service disruption. Don’t hesitate to contact our office on or before the due date to order a payment arrangement. Call us at 649-946-5202 ext. 401 or 405 if you are having difficulties to see if we can help.

Bill Disputes
Customers querying a high bill must contact our office via email on or before the due date. We will not disconnect accounts with an open investigation if: (a) the complaint is submitted on or before the due date; and (b) the customer has made a payment of an amount equal to an average bill pending the outcome of a high bill inquiry.

Customer Service Department
Provo Water Company Ltd
Tel: 649-946-5202 24 Hour Fault: 649-231-0705 Email:

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