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Online Customer Forms

Residential Service Application

Please use this form to apply for Residential Service (includes private homes, tenants and condos).  We will respond to you within 1 business day.  You will need to upload:-

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of secondary identification (NI Card / Driving License / NHIP)
  • Proof of ownership of property
  • Landlord Consent Form (Tenants only)

Commercial Service Application

Please use this form to apply for a Commercial Service (includes private businesses and tenancies).  We will be in contact within 1 business day.  You will need to upload:-

  • An up-to-date copy of business license
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Article of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Register of Officers and Directors
  • Letter from the Director taking responsibility for the water bills
  • Proof of Ownership: Land Register / Land title
  • Lease agreement (for tenants)
  • Mandatory ID : Passport
  • Secondary ID: (1 from – Driver’s License, National Insurance Card, National Health Insurance Card)

Landlord Consent Form

This form MUST be completed by the Landlord of a tenancy.

Change of Contact Details

You can easily inform us of changes  to your name, cell phone or email.

Temporary Disconnect

Please let us know if you wish to apply for a temporary disconnection, for instance if you are away from your home for a few months.

Water Quality Complaint Form

This form should only be used to report issues with the quality of your water.  Please submit details on your water issue to the Water Quality Department.  All submissions will be reviewed in a timely manner.

Make an Appointment

If you would like to have an appointment with Provo Water Company regarding your account, billing or payments please complete and submit this form.

Closure of Account Form

If you wish to close your account, please fill in the attached form.  We will be in contact with confirmation of closure within 2 working days.

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