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Unsung Heroes of Water: Meet Our Behind-the-Scenes Team

Join us as we shine a spotlight on our incredible behind-the-scenes team—technicians, scientists, and customer service representatives—who work tirelessly to ensure smooth operations and top-notch service.

Their dedication and expertise are the driving force behind our mission to provide clean and reliable water to our community. Let’s give a round of applause to these essential team members!

🌟Loren Boyce 🌟

AMI Network Co-ordinator

Join us in recognizing one of the stellar members of our team, Loren Boyce, the AMI Network Coordinator in the ITS Department at Provo Water Company! 🌊 Loren has been an invaluable member of our team since April 2016, leveraging his expertise in RF technology to expertly manage the AMI Network. 💻 His dedication aids in providing essential services and delivering safe, potable water to our customers every day. 💧 Not only that, but Loren is also a proactive member of our company’s Health & Safety Committee, prioritising the well-being of our employees and community. 👷‍♂️🚰 Let’s show Loren some love for his exceptional contributions to our team and our commitment to safety! ❤️

Stefon Tyndall

Water Quality Assistant

Meet Stefon, a man with a passion for science and a heart for service. Born in the Republic of Guyana, Stefon moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 1997 as a young child. Growing up on these beautiful islands, his fascination with the sciences blossomed, leading him to the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. There, he earned a BSc in Pharmaceutical Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Translational Oncology.

Upon returning to the Turks and Caicos Islands, Stefon was eager to apply his extensive knowledge of chemistry and biology to benefit his community. In 2021, he joined the Provo Water Company as a lab assistant in the Water Quality Department, where he brings his scientific expertise to real-life situations, ensuring the water we drink is safe and clean.

Stefon’s journey doesn’t stop at science. This role has also helped him enhance his public speaking and communication skills, making him a well-rounded professional. When he’s not ensuring our water quality, Stefon enjoys working with digital media, learning new languages, exploring agriculture, and immersing himself in different cultures.

Let’s give a big round of applause to Stefon, one of our behind-the-scenes heroes, whose dedication and skills keep our water flowing safely and smoothly!

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