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We’re sorry if you have no water, but please remember that Provo Water Company is only responsible for making sure you have COLD WATER TO THE BOUNDARY OF YOUR PROPERTY AND WATER METER.

There may be a number of reasons for lack of water in your home. Please make sure that it is none of the reasons below before you call us or you may be charged a call-out fee:-

  • If you have no hot water this is probably a plumbing or water-heater issue within your home.
  • Is the whole property affected? If only certain rooms in your property are affected, then this is likely to be a plumbing issue.
  • Make sure your stop-tap is open. Your stop tap is usually found where the water supply enters the property.
  • Where you share a communal supply, check with your neighbors. Find out if someone has turned off the outside tap in error. This is a common cause of complaints where the water supply is shared.

If the above steps do not work, please contact us at 649 946 5202 and we will investigate the problem.

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