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The Beginning of the season is the best time to ensure you are ready.

  • Locate your home’s main water shut-off valve and remove any shrubbery or obstructions. The shut-off valve is located at the front boundary of your property, outside the meter chamber. Test the water shut-off valve to be sure that it is operational.
  • Turn off the main water shut-off valve if you are leaving your home or business prior to a storm. This will help minimize water loss and damage to your home’s interior should a pipe burst.
  • FAMILY PLAN: Discuss the types of hazards that could affect your family, such as flooding, flying objects and loose wires and try to plan accordingly.  (Download checklist here).
  • Locate the SAFEST PLACE to sit out the storm. This might not be your home, it might be a local shelter or friends house. If you are staying in your home have a designated safe room (an interior room without windows on the first floor of your home is best).
  • Make a full inventory of your possessions and take photographs in case of damage.
  • Ensure you know how to turn off your electricity and water should the need arise.
  • Install hurricane shutters or have a good supply of plywood and duct-tape for windows and doors.
  • Make sure trees are trimmed for any dead branches, and all coconuts are removed
  • Create a list of essential people to contact before you evacuate – it’s a good idea to designate someone as an off-island contact and ask that person to update others as necessary.


  • Tune into your media and news broadcasts for advisories.
     Radio Turks & Caicos 107.7FM
     Power 92.5FM/KISS FM 102.5FM
     Island FM 93.9FM
     Social Media
  • Make sure your vehicle is full of gasoline
  • CASH: Withdraw money to last for several days. ATM machines may not be working and banks might be closed.
  • Clear your yard of loose objects such as bicycles, furniture and trash cans and bring inside. Secure all objects no matter how heavy or large that cannot be moved inside.
  • Fix hurricane shutters or plywood on doors and windows
  • Unplug all electronics and turn off electricity to pool pump
  • Prepare any emergency water containers. Scrub bottles, bath tubs etc. with bleach and clean and rinse, and fill with water.  This water can be used for drinking, cleaning and personal hygiene in case of restricted supply.
  • Turn fridges and freezers to coldest settings and open only when absolutely necessary.
  • Make sure you have looked after the elderly and those with special needs.
  • Keep a checklist of their dietary needs and prescriptions medications in your plan.
  • If you evacuate, leave early while the weather is still calm.
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