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After a Hurricane

  • Return to your home or venture outdoors only after local officials have told you it is safe to do so.
  • Leave roads clear for emergency vehicles.
  • In the event of excessive water loss and high demand, water rationing protocol may be implemented, while we work to restore service. This is to ensure customers receive an adequate water supply during allotted time schedules.
  • Please report ruptured water lines to our Emergency Fault Line 649-231-0705 or 649-946-5202. During a storm event, trees can uproot and break water lines, causing water losses and a drop in water pressure.
  • In the event a Boil Water Notice is given, please follow instructions to ensure the safety of your household.
  • When cleaning up, take care not to stack debris near water meter chamber, this can obstruct our communication signal with the device.
    If using heavy equipment during clean-up, be careful not to damage the meter chamber or water line.
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