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PWC Self Care Week


Employees whose self-care is supported by their organizations are more likely to be focused, productive, and supportive of others. During the week of Valentine’s, February 13-16th 2023, PWC-HSC hosted several events for men and women that focus on self-care and mental and physical health. This included Women Only Online Self Care session with Mrs. Tiersa Hall, Motivational Speaker and HR Specialist, Men Only Session with Dr. Hall from Family Care, nutritious fruit cups to start the morning, aromatherapy gifts throughout the week, banners displayed at all three locations each with a different self-care tip, screen savers displaying self-care tips and course the ladies received roses on Valentine’s Day.

What is self-care culture?

Self-care is often associated with bubble baths and—things you do after work, as a reward for the day’s grind. But fostering a culture of self-care within a company often entails weaving moments of self-care throughout every employee’s day, week, or month. This is because work is inextricably entwined with life, and when work gets too overwhelming, having a mindset of self-care can make or break burnout. In other words, it empowers employees to prioritize and manage their mental health when the going gets tough. If employees are able to do so, then they can do their best work. However, to truly establish this as an organizational practice, leaders must actively encourage, model, and normalize these acts of self-care. A healthy work culture sets the tone for great leadership; high performance; and team strength.

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