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Exciting Opportunity: Paid Internship at Provo Water Company

📢 💼 Are you ready to dive into a rewarding career experience this summer? Provo Water Company is offering a six-week paid internship with a competitive pay of $500 per week! This is an amazing chance to gain hands-on experience and contribute to your community. 🌟

Internship Details:

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Pay: $500 per week
  • Fields: Customer Service, Distribution, Water Quality
  • Eligibility: 4th or 5th form high school students or college students

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are eager to learn and grow in a professional environment. Spaces are limited, so make sure to apply soon!


  • Must complete a 300-word essay stating why we should select you
  • Must complete this attached application
  • Application Deadline: June 3rd, 2024

If you’re interested, please contact us at for more information and to submit your application.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and kickstart your career. Apply now and be a part of the Provo Water Company team!

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  1. Reflecting on the opportunity to intern at the Provo Water Company this summer, I am filled with excitement and a sense of responsibility. As a long-time resident, I have always been fascinated by the importance of water conservation and the role that the Provo Water Company plays in maintaining our island’s sustainability.

    Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have developed a strong passion for environmental issues and a desire to contribute to the betterment of our community. This internship provides me with a unique opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.

    As an intern, I am eager to assist with projects and tasks that will help me gain a deeper understanding of the water treatment process and efficient water management. I am confident that my strong communication and organizational skills will enable me to effectively collaborate with the team and contribute to the organization’s success.

    I believe that this internship will provide me with valuable work experience and offer me the chance to develop new skills and knowledge. I am excited to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in water conservation and treatment.

    In addition to my personal and professional goals, I am motivated to give back to my community by preserving our natural resources and maintaining a healthy environment for future generations. By working at the Provo Water Company, I hope to play a small part in ensuring that our community continues to thrive and flourish.

    Overall, I am thrilled at the opportunity to intern at the Provo Water Company this summer and I’m confident that this experience will be both rewarding and enriching.

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