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Construction of Provo Water Tank and Pumping facilities

Ceremony to Mark & Celebrate the Construction of Provo Water Tank and Pumping facilities

Site Located atite 60706/126 Leeward Highway & Industrial Drive (Next to CIBC FCIB)
19 January 2023
Remarks by Robert C Hall, Managing Director Provo Water Company

This 3 ½ acres of land was acquired in 2018 as part of the strategic plan to construct additional water storage tanks and to construct the future centralised operations centre for Provo Water Company and its customers.

The construction of additional water storage became a national priority following the prolonged power outages experienced after Hurricane Irma in 2017, and increased water storage capacity provides us with more security.  In 2017 PWC commenced the update to our long term Water Masterplan for Providenciales with the assistance of a highly regarded US engineering firm and input from key Government departments to model population growth and the hydraulic flows that will be necessary to serve that increased population.  The Masterplan concluded that the Island’s current storage capacity of 3.5 million gallons (2.5M in Grace Bay and 1.0 million gallons on Energy Street, Suzy Turn) required increasing to provide for emergency needs given the projected population growth in Providenciales.
Provo Water acquired this parcel in 2018 next to CIBC First Caribbean International Bank to construct the first 1.5 million-gallon water storage tank and additional pumping facilities – Phase 1.

Among other criteria, the parcel’s location was desirable because of its central location and proximity to two critical entities in a national emergency – the Cheshire Hall Hospital and the International Airport. Continuing to provide a consistent supply to these priority clients during normal operations and in an emergency is paramount.
When the construction Phase is completed, this site will boast the 1.5M gallon water storage tank and pumping capacity to boost supplies through Five Cays, South Dock to Chalk Sound, and Cheshire Hall to Downtown, Kew Town on to Blue Hills and Wheeland.

The water storage capacity in Provo will be increased to 5M gallons across the island. This tank alone when filled, will ensure that over 60% of our customer base, located to the west of the island will have water security for almost 7 days of water storage at current average day demand. This phase will be completed well before the start of the 2023 Hurricane Season.

The second phase of development at this site will be Provo Water’s customer service centre and operations base . That phase will also include the construction of a purpose-built warehouse with more inventory storage space to enable Provo Water to service its customer base in a timely fashion. Plans will be submitted later this year for consideration and approval.

The third and final phase of the development of this site will be a second 1.5M gallon water storage tank replicating the one under construction. The space is reserved for the second tank, but water demand growth will determine when that tank will be necessary.

The improvements I have discussed so far are but a few from our latest Water Master Plan for Providenciales. The Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent impact on supply chains delayed us temporarily but we have an accelerated program of works planned for 2023 and beyond that includes Government and private extensions, new transmission pipelines, rehabilitations where necessary and related civil works across Providenciales.  All this work is being planned and coordinated with Physical Planning and Infrastructure Development (PPID), the other utility companies and contractors. I’m sure everyone will appreciate that we want to put in our infrastructure before a road gets paved. We will also ensure that our works are sign-posted to keep motorists and construction crews safe while we work.

Very soon, pipeline works will commence in the Grace Bay area on the City Main and the Grace Bay main to build capacity for increased peak demand days during the high tourist season and dry summers. The larger pipes that leave the water production plant in Grace Bay are like the large arteries attached to your heart, and the blood vessels get smaller the farther you are from the heart. Similarly, our works introduce additional or larger vessels to ensure healthy circulation during growth spurts in this vibrant economy.

Wheeland and Blue Hills are the largest residential areas and see the most significant growth yearly. This growth is not surprising given that the westerm half of Provo is primarily yet to be fully developed. Supplying this area in future is challenging without massive upsizing of existing pipelines.  However, I am pleased to announce that the more cost-effective, efficient alternative is a second water production plant to be constructed towards Northwest Point. It is planned for this future plant to feed the western half of the island while the Grace Bay Plant will continue to supply the eastern half. Either plant can supply the whole island during any emergency outage of the other.

In conclusion, Providenciales is still growing and we must be ready to meet the demand created by growth. Being prepared requires continual planning and proper investment.  Provo Water continues to be grateful to service our customers and with appropriate and timely investment in expanding the water infrastructure. We will continue to ensure a consistent, high quality supply to our customers and guests. We appreciate the government’s input and support for this vital utility over the years.
We look forward to working closely with all stakeholders to ensure appropriate growth and investment in the future.

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