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Empowering Customers with Leak Notifications: A Sustainable Approach to Water Conservation


Welcome to Provo Water Company’s webinar on “Empowering Customers with Leak Notifications:  A sustainable Approach to Water Conservation”.

This session explores empowering communities to curb water waste and enhance conservation efforts. Led by panelists—Kneshia Clarke-Forbes, Erwin Pagna, and Guy Bouchard—the discussion centers on proactive leak detection, user-friendly web portals, and integrating customer feedback for effective water management. Real-life testimonials showcase success stories of leak identification and resolution. Attendees will discover how these tools foster sustainability, savings, and heightened satisfaction. With a blend of presentations, Q&A, and insights from industry experts and customers, this session promises valuable strategies for implementing leak notifications and web portals in conservation initiatives.


Wednesday 15th May
Online Event
12.00pm – 1.00pm
Cora Malcolm Chief Technology Officer
As Chief Technology Officer at Provo Water Company Ltd. and overseeing IT for HAB Group,

Cora drives innovation, shares expertise in utilities, and fosters learning. Beyond tech, she enjoys performing arts, actively engaging in acting and singing, embodying the vibrant cultural scene she cherishes.

Kneshia Forbes Customer Service Manager
Since 2002, Kneshia Clarke-Forbes has advanced through Provo Water Company Ltd., excelling in water operations. As Customer Service Manager since 2020, she ensures top-tier customer care across all facets of service. Kneshia's commitment to excellence fosters exceptional customer experiences, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the water industry.
Guy Bouchard Water Operations Director
Guy assumed the role of Water Operations Director at Provo Water Company Ltd in 2022. With a background in engineering from Hydro-Quebec, he leads departments to meet development goals and maintain high service standards. Outside work, Guy embraces outdoor activities and exploration, reflecting his passion for life and commitment to conservation.
Erwin Pagna Preventative Maintenance Engineer
Erwin joined Provo Water's Engineering team in January 2008, with degrees in Engineering and Business Administration. Over 16 years, he became a self-trained Leak Detection Specialist, spearheading a major leak detection effort in 2010. He has successfully located numerous leaks for both residential and commercial clients.

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