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This form is for a Commercial Service Application. 

Please use this form to apply for a Commercial Service (includes private businesses and tenancies).  We will be in contact within 1 business day.  You will need to upload:-

  • Planning approved Site Plan or Surveyor map (first-time connection)
  • Current business license
  • Certificate of Incorporation (where applicable_
  • Articles & Memorandum of Association or Articles of Incorporation (where applicable)
  • Register of Officers and Directors (where applicable)
  • Letter of Guarantor from a Director (where applicable)
  • Letter from the Director taking responsibility for the water bills
  • Commercial Development Checklist (where applicable)
  • Landlord Consent Form (for tenants)
  • Proof of property ownership: Land register, Transfer of land, duly signed Purchase Agreement or Letter of ownership.
  • Two (2) valid forms of government identification showing photo and signature of the Director (where applicable)
    1. Required ID : Passport or TCI Status Card
    2. Other:  Driver’s License, National Insurance Card, National Health Insurance Card
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