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Stop-taps are used to turn the water supply on and off to your property.  This is important information for you to know, and will be needed if you are having any plumbing or building work done or if you have to turn off water due to an emergency leak.

Normally a property will have an outside stop-tap and an inside stop tap.

Outside Stop Tap

An outside stop-tap controls the main water supply to your property.  This emergency value is normally found on the boundary of your property.

Finding Your Emergency Safety Valve

Inside Stop Tap

The inside stop-tap is used to turn the water supply on and off to your property.

In most properties the stop-tap is located inside, close to where the water pipe enters the building. This is usually:-

  • In the garage
  • Under a sink
  • A downstairs bathroom

The owner or landlord of the property is responsible for repairs and maintenance of all inside stop-taps.


Communal Stop Taps

If your water supply is shared with other properties, for instance an apartment or condominium block your outside stop-tap will be outside your property. You should not operate this stop-tap as you could be turning off your neighbors water supply.

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